Last time on Prophecy

Two sessions in one

While resting in the room Xune had found for us the party started going through the items we had saved from Boryn’s basement. We were hoping that Lulu would wake up before we had to start moving again.

With Lulu unconscious it would make travel very difficult. Gralin’Oth seemed extremely keen on undressing her before carrying her eventhough she was only in cloth robes. Eventually after much arguing it was decided that out of our choices the best was to get moving now and make a decision on the final destination while we traveled.

Just before leaving Gralin came across an ancient scroll from Boryn’s studies. Handing it to Syaetha for translation we found out that there are a certain number of people that are or have a key that will open a gate allowing an ancient Primordial to come into our reality. It had been locked away because it was a Primal force of destruction, not creation. Whoever is trying to get us there to open this gate is under the impression that he/she will be able to control its power. After divulging this information to Seebo and Gralin, Syaetha disappeared into a cloud of darkness with the scroll and an apology. Whether she went deeper into the Underdark, or to the Ruins we were heading towards we do not know.

Gathering as much as we can take we set off into the tunnels following our new comrade Xune. We decided against going deeper into the Underdark due to the ethnicities of a couple traveling partners. The other choice was to head to a portal that was used for trade.

The traveling was rather uneventful with the group moving slowly to avoid unwanted attention and having to carry Lulu’s body. When we approached the cavern that housed the portal Xune had us wait for a moment while he looked ahead. The portal was normally guarded by a few men just for safety issues. There were no guards when we arrived. Walking in the room that housed the portal the normal guards were in shambles. One was burned and melted into the cavern wall, several were unconscious on the ground and the one that controlled the portal mumbling something in the middle of the floor.

We were able to get the unconscious Drow into one area and restrain them before snapping the portal master out of his stupor. We found out that a small group of mages had come through the portal and laid waste to the guards standing in their way before quickly leaving the area. Since we had not seen them we could only assume that they went deeper into the tunnels. Elise, having a outwardly hateful attitude towards Drow, took things into her own hands. Slitting one of the restrained Drow’s throats she demanded that the portal master make the portal work and get us as far west as he could. Our thoughts being that if we traveled swiftly and quietly west we may be able to make it to the Ruins before anyone else and deduce what was going on.

The portal master was appalled at the Eladrin’s actions. Elise pulled another of the guards heads back ready to do it again, and finally the portal master agreed to help us. Xune reassured him that we were just desperate and apologized profusely. The portal itself was a pool of water, that when activated separated allowing passage through. We quickly walked thorough, hoping that the Drow was at least slightly honorable.

Coming out on the other side we were in a room that had very obviously been vacant for a LONG time. After a quick look around and a short rest(and some help from a semi conscious Lulu) we found out that we were in a VERY ancient dwarven city. It had been emptied centuries ago. The room were were in was shut and we had no way out. We had been hearing voices from the other side of the door since arriving, but with no other way out we had Lulu speak the command to open the door. Upon doing so we were swarmed by creatures of the darkness and of death.

Gralin was taking the brunt of the attacks, but Seebo valorously bolstered his troops. In the end we were able to decimate most of the attackers, unfortunately a couple were able to escape their inevitable doom. Gathering our wits about us we set off into the Dwarven city.

Lulu recounted what little information she had about this ancient dead city. Saying that this far down would be mostly family vaults and mausoleums. Seebo perked up at the thought of treasure untold, his for the taking! Lulu sternly reprimanded his greedy thoughts to no end, but Seebo would not be stopped from bettering himself from this place.

At the end of a hall the group was surprised when two piles of bones rose from the ground to defend the tombs we were trespassing in. We quickly dispatched them, with only Gralin hurting himself with his own lightning breath….Stepping into the next room we found the doors to be knocked down and some of the tombs had been disturbed. Upon an initial walk through we found what we though to be a very well preserved Dwarf in a sarcophagus, but it turned out to be a Dwarf in a magical slumber! Gralin managed to wake him and upon doing so several skeletons rose as well. We were able to destroy the skeletons and were questioning the Dwarf when Seebo’s curiosity got the better of him.

Moving the lids from a couple of the other sarcophagi in the room the group was startled when an ancient Tomb Guardian rose and coming straight for the so called “defiler.” Gralin, knowing that Seebo was an integral part of the group came charging from behind the menace and delivering a MASSIVE blow to the creatures torso. With a combined effort we were able to defeat the Tomb Guardian and sit down for awhile and learn who this sleeping Dwarf was…



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