and the adventure continues

After finishing off the thieves and assassins we ventured into the city a little more in search of an inn for the night Syathea grabbed Lulu shoving her into our party and telling us to keep her safe soon we scrambled to see her friend and a save place for the night while we sorted out the importance of our mission. Before we even had a chance to drink some tea we reveled the party to Lulu’s friend and he and his men were at arms against the tefling. Lulu cast a slow spell to keep the party from killing each other and we were then off to see what the loud noise was outside. Outside Syathea was just outside killing thieves and assassins it was not save here we must be wanted badly. They were openly attacking a major house. We soon escaped to Master Boryan’s house and hid in the secret chamber below no sooner were we below that the house was attacked above explosions and men everywere were heard from the chamber below. Discussing where we should head and the best way to get there were discussed. We also discussed how Master Boryan died. It would seem that he was killed by and assassin and then a dopleganger was put into his place. Lulu saw that he was killed and later went back after escaping and the dopleganger couldnt answer a question she asked him and knew that she knew and jumped to the rafters and escaped.
The house was starting to become ablaze and we decided to grab as much as we could get our hands on and leave this place and quickly. We went to the sewers upon finding that the guards we posted were gone knowing that Lulu’s friend’s guard had been compromised it would seem that coin was the going rate for loyalty here. When we left only 3 were with us and we turned around to go down only one remained with us. After this we decided Upon learning this we then put a test question and answer if there was ever question. “How do you like your tea?” answer being “Penis”
We were off again and we decided that we would follow the water that should lead us back to the docks we came to a fork in the path and followed it into a room no sooner did we enter that we were attacked by Poo monsters. We did finally kill two of them but we were hurt and diseased. While the party was coming back together trying to heal and figure out a game plan I went back to the fork and listened for persecute upon hearing voices and feet we quickly decided to go down the grates. Syathea going to the hallway casting sleep on the men going in and cutting off one of there heads bringing it and coming down the grate and then Marrtok came down sliding the grate closed. We waited until they came into the room they started poking in the muck and quickly were attacked as well but it didn’t seem they fared too well. We headed off again.



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