April 15th Session
The Friday session

Finding out that our new friend knew about as much as we did on the topic of why he was found in a tomb passed out, we decided to press on and attempt to find a way out of the ancient city.

Moving through the tunnels was relatively uneventful once we discovered that most doors down here would not lead us anywher important. Most doors simply went into another family’s mausoleum with nothing of interest that we were “allowed” to take. I became very apparent that we were VERY deep into the underbelly of this place.

A few of the passages went no where and one in particular had been subject to a massive cave in. We could see that there was another passage above up, but with no way to reach it safely the party moved on the other direction.

While walking the party passed a rather large chest sitting strangely in the middle of a hallway. Passing it by, since we had made a promise of no looting to our dwarven friends…we came upon a great cavernous room. Stepping over the threshold created an interesting effect for some of the party. The doorway seemed to be enchanted with a sleeping spell. Upon further inspection we noticed 6 small holes on either side of the doorway. After trying various appendages in the holes, we determined they had to be key holes, but where were the keys?

Gralin, growing tired of waiting around went back to the large chest we had just passed and smashed in the top. Inside we found 6 small rods. We grabbed all 6 and took them back to the holes. We inserted them and the runes around the doorway glowed once and went dark. Stepping through the arch, it seemed as if it had worked and the spell no longer affected us.

The large room we were in seemed to be the burial chamber for a specific type of person, merchants in fact. Doors leading off the main chamber had family names of different merchants that had been worthy of being buried here. At the far end of the room the party discovered a marge altar of sorts. Paying his respects, Marrtok(the T is silent) left a small offering of ale on the altar.

There were 2 doors at the end of the great hall. Trying the door on the right we managed to get it open and the room was completely dark. Stepping in quietly, Elise quickly returned to us telling us of 3+ skeletons standing inside, on the outer walls of the room. A staircase leading up in the center of the room seemed to be the way we needed to go, Lulu had informed us that we were obviously deep underground and so heading up seemed to be our best answer.

Entering the room one at a time and expecting an attack at any moment, we were all very surprised when it never came. Marrtok(the T is silent)‘s offering must have done its job and appeased these malevolent guardian spirits, but it was more likely that they sensed Seebo’s greatness and thought better of wasting what little “life” they had left.

Moving on up into another passage the group saw another altar similar to the one they had passed in the great hall. It had to have been set up by the predecessors to make sure the ones entering the lower chambers were going for “pure” reasons and not for looting purposes.

The trekking through the tunnels went on for quite some time. The group had no idea how many days they had been in the tombs. Taking short rests from time to time and a longer one if needed they passed through what felt like a large portion of the city. We came upon a that seemed to be locked. Elise tried the handle and upon touching it metal spikes shot out, surely meant to skewer the hands of someone not as slight as her Eladrin form. A whispering of sorts could be heard on the other side of the door.

Once we figured out the trick to opening the door we opened it very quickly. When it had been opened we heard a great voice proclaim something we did not understand as well as a great number of skittering claws. Being startled we slammed the door shut again. While we tried to come up with a plan the skittering on the other side continued and soon a very loud digging and banging sound was heard. Whatever was there wanted to be on our side of the door and by the sound of it would be there very quickly.

Deciding it would be better to fight these things before they either 1) came in to get us or 2) brought the tunnel down around us we decided to go through the door and meet it head on. All the while a chanting could be heard from something obviously intelligent out there.

Once the door was open the scratching and pounding immediately ceased and everything was cast into pitch black. This was not a normal darkness, the whispering chant could still be heard. This was some kind of magic. We entered the room and stayed close to the wall, thinking to brighten the situation Seebo tossed his torch into the room to try and see how large it might be. Once the torch left his hand it was swallowed by the darkness and did not light anything up the way it should have. Something powerful was causing this darkness, but why? To disorient us? As a stall tactic to get away from the power that was Seebo?

Trying to get around the room that was pitch black we stayed pressed against the wall, except Elise who decided that she would see how far across this room might be. Getting to the other side something in the darkness reached out and stroked her face. Swiping at it with her blade, she made contact and the creature screeched and ran. “If you hit them, they run!” At the same moment one of the creature swiped at Gralin’s leg. Infuriated, Gralin smashed his axe downward just managing to cip the nasty thing and sending it running.

Soon after the darkness lifted a bit and we were surrounded by what could only be Duergar, the dark “cousins” to the Dwarves. The five that were surrounding us were the ones chanting and dressed in black robes. While they were chanting streams of tangible shadowed seemed to be weaving itself from each Duergar to another and back again making a kind of net of shadow above us. At the far end of the rather large hallway, where it had caved in a bit stood 2 more Duergar and a huge armored thing. No face could be seen in the huge entity’s helmet.

Seeing what he though was an opening in one of the cultist’s defenses Seebo bravely charged the unarmored fool. As he neared the cultist however he slowed down, not out of his own volition, but because something in their magic was pushing against him. When he was almost within reach of the Duergar it became impossible to move any closer and Seebo was pushed backuntil his weapon would not reach the dark dwarf.

Elise on the other hand was somehow able to get right behind another of the chanters and begin her assault. Strangely though the chanter did not stop his magic, nor did he seem to be feeling the damage being done to him, or at least not in the amount that he should have been. As Elise and Pepper attempted to drop one of the cultists wounds began to appear on the others. As the two ladies continued attacking the cultists Marrtok(the T is silent), Gralin and Seebo went about slaughtering the small shadow creatures that seemed to come out of no where and surround the party.

A great clanking sound drew the party’s attention to the other end of the room where the huge thing had been. “YOU WILL BE DESTROYED BY SHADOW!” it rasped as it stalked toward us. Upon entering the writhing area of shadows, the net changed direction and seemed to be flowing into it as well. Gralin charged the thing and noticed as he got closer to it he seemed to be speeding up, the opposite of the cultists. Once he reached the armor plated creature he delivered a great blow, sparks showered the area, but the thing seemed to not notice the damage it received. The group of Duergar and this thing were sharing each others pain. The wounds were not being delivered to any one body, but spread out among all of the ones involved in the ritual.

Skirting around to the other side of the armored monstrosity Seebo managed to distract it for a bit giving Gralin a better chance of landing a powerful blow to do some serious damage to this group of shadow priests. Laughing off the attacks that were being delievered to it the creature swung at both Gralin and Seebo. Elise and Pepper were continuing to focus on the cultists, hoping some of the power would be lost if they could remove one from the ritual. Lulu and Marrtok(the T is silent) continued removing the shadow things from our vicinity so we could focus our attention on the “larger” problem.

The great thing took notice that it’s priests were being hurt more and more, seeing this it willing took a ritual dagger from its belt and cut its arm, the stuff that flowed out was not blood and went directly into the shadow streaming from it and invigorated the chanters. Elise and Pepper managed to down a cultist finally and that strand of shadow stuff was broken. As they moved to another one, the closest cultist to the dead one drew energy from one of the creatures we had managed to kill and redirected its power into the dead body of it’s fellow priest. This needed to end quickly, Seebo thought. Seeing an opportunity as the great suit of armor turned its attention to Gralin, Seebo yelled for his comrades to focus ALL their attention on the main enemy. At the same time he reared back and rammed all the power he could into his tiny shoulder into the back of the thing’s knee. It worked somewhat, causing the thing to falter just enough to drop its guard and allow the entire party to deliver a massive wave of attacks one after the other.

The great suit of armor broke apart as the shadowy vitality holding it together thinned and was dispersed into the remaining chanters who gave up on their prospects of raising the ones that had fallen before them and disappeared into the dark caverns that they knew.

Catching his breath Seebo kicked the great helmet across the floor. “Hey! I could definitely use a helmet, and it would serve as a trophy to my power,” he thought chasing after the black spiky thing clattering across the floor. Picking it up and realizing it really wasn’t as big as he had previously though he placed it upon his head. It fit perfectly!

TAKE THAT OFF!!!! Elise yelled at Seebo. “That is an evil, evil object and can not be trusted”

“Um, its a helmet, Miss. I’m pretty sure that an inanimate object like this can’t be ‘evil’”


“You say that thing is evil, but you are the one saying that you will hurt him if he doesn’t take off a helmet? It sounds like you are the evil one here….cleric.” Gralin stated, walking up behind the Eladrin, carrying the shadow thing’s great mace.

“They must be blessed before you can wear or wield them! Are you all crazy? You saw that thing attack us!” Elise proclaimed.

“Yes we did, and we saw it be destroyed too. Which means what ever was making this armor do that stuff is gone, its just armor now.” Seebo stated matter of factly.

“This is not the end of this discussion, gnome.” and Elise stalked off to see to Pepper.

Last time on Prophecy
Two sessions in one

While resting in the room Xune had found for us the party started going through the items we had saved from Boryn’s basement. We were hoping that Lulu would wake up before we had to start moving again.

With Lulu unconscious it would make travel very difficult. Gralin’Oth seemed extremely keen on undressing her before carrying her eventhough she was only in cloth robes. Eventually after much arguing it was decided that out of our choices the best was to get moving now and make a decision on the final destination while we traveled.

Just before leaving Gralin came across an ancient scroll from Boryn’s studies. Handing it to Syaetha for translation we found out that there are a certain number of people that are or have a key that will open a gate allowing an ancient Primordial to come into our reality. It had been locked away because it was a Primal force of destruction, not creation. Whoever is trying to get us there to open this gate is under the impression that he/she will be able to control its power. After divulging this information to Seebo and Gralin, Syaetha disappeared into a cloud of darkness with the scroll and an apology. Whether she went deeper into the Underdark, or to the Ruins we were heading towards we do not know.

Gathering as much as we can take we set off into the tunnels following our new comrade Xune. We decided against going deeper into the Underdark due to the ethnicities of a couple traveling partners. The other choice was to head to a portal that was used for trade.

The traveling was rather uneventful with the group moving slowly to avoid unwanted attention and having to carry Lulu’s body. When we approached the cavern that housed the portal Xune had us wait for a moment while he looked ahead. The portal was normally guarded by a few men just for safety issues. There were no guards when we arrived. Walking in the room that housed the portal the normal guards were in shambles. One was burned and melted into the cavern wall, several were unconscious on the ground and the one that controlled the portal mumbling something in the middle of the floor.

We were able to get the unconscious Drow into one area and restrain them before snapping the portal master out of his stupor. We found out that a small group of mages had come through the portal and laid waste to the guards standing in their way before quickly leaving the area. Since we had not seen them we could only assume that they went deeper into the tunnels. Elise, having a outwardly hateful attitude towards Drow, took things into her own hands. Slitting one of the restrained Drow’s throats she demanded that the portal master make the portal work and get us as far west as he could. Our thoughts being that if we traveled swiftly and quietly west we may be able to make it to the Ruins before anyone else and deduce what was going on.

The portal master was appalled at the Eladrin’s actions. Elise pulled another of the guards heads back ready to do it again, and finally the portal master agreed to help us. Xune reassured him that we were just desperate and apologized profusely. The portal itself was a pool of water, that when activated separated allowing passage through. We quickly walked thorough, hoping that the Drow was at least slightly honorable.

Coming out on the other side we were in a room that had very obviously been vacant for a LONG time. After a quick look around and a short rest(and some help from a semi conscious Lulu) we found out that we were in a VERY ancient dwarven city. It had been emptied centuries ago. The room were were in was shut and we had no way out. We had been hearing voices from the other side of the door since arriving, but with no other way out we had Lulu speak the command to open the door. Upon doing so we were swarmed by creatures of the darkness and of death.

Gralin was taking the brunt of the attacks, but Seebo valorously bolstered his troops. In the end we were able to decimate most of the attackers, unfortunately a couple were able to escape their inevitable doom. Gathering our wits about us we set off into the Dwarven city.

Lulu recounted what little information she had about this ancient dead city. Saying that this far down would be mostly family vaults and mausoleums. Seebo perked up at the thought of treasure untold, his for the taking! Lulu sternly reprimanded his greedy thoughts to no end, but Seebo would not be stopped from bettering himself from this place.

At the end of a hall the group was surprised when two piles of bones rose from the ground to defend the tombs we were trespassing in. We quickly dispatched them, with only Gralin hurting himself with his own lightning breath….Stepping into the next room we found the doors to be knocked down and some of the tombs had been disturbed. Upon an initial walk through we found what we though to be a very well preserved Dwarf in a sarcophagus, but it turned out to be a Dwarf in a magical slumber! Gralin managed to wake him and upon doing so several skeletons rose as well. We were able to destroy the skeletons and were questioning the Dwarf when Seebo’s curiosity got the better of him.

Moving the lids from a couple of the other sarcophagi in the room the group was startled when an ancient Tomb Guardian rose and coming straight for the so called “defiler.” Gralin, knowing that Seebo was an integral part of the group came charging from behind the menace and delivering a MASSIVE blow to the creatures torso. With a combined effort we were able to defeat the Tomb Guardian and sit down for awhile and learn who this sleeping Dwarf was…


While continuing down the sewers in search of a way up and out, hopefully near the docks, we knew that we were being followed. While walking we ran into more than a slew of traps. Unfortunately Xerxes was not as lucky as the rest of us and managed to step on a trigger plate that sent a heavy stone crashing into his skull. After figuring out the best method of getting through the traps the rest of the party managed to move with little injury.

Soon after we came up a fork in the path. Elise, at the front of the group, smelled incense and other smells coming from our path on the right. Thinking it may have been a way up to the surface, she ventured down to the apparently dead end. Upon further examination by Arya and Syaetha it was discovered that there was a magically hidden ladder leading up into a false ceiling. Arya, using her arcane knowledge assisted the rest of the party in finding the ladder and we all climbed up.

When we arrived at the top of the ladder someone called to us “Please let me out!” The grate at the top of the ladder was locked, some kind of rune stone, was the key to it. After making an impression and trying a few different methods, Seebo had the genius insight to check the head that Syaetha had cut from the assassins trailing us. Sure enough there was some kind of medallion still hanging onto the severed flesh. Using the key unlocked the grate and we all piled through, carrying the more injured party members.

What the party enters into was some sort of prison or holding area. 7-8 cages were set up in the room most with prisoners. A drow was in the corner, seemingly on a vacation. The rest of the prisoners were not in as good of shape. One prisoner was much louder than the rest and continually asked to be released. Gralin’Oth decided it was in his best interest to smash the lock on said prisoner and release him. As soon as he ran for it Elise grabbed and dispatched him turning to Gralin’Oth.

“What the hell are you doing, he is a liability to our safety!!! Do NOT let anyone else go without a further discussion.”

“Unfortunately I have to agree with the Eladrin. Anyone else becomes either our death or our responsibility and we have enough on our hands.” nodded Syaetha.

After a short discussion with the drow in the corner we found out that his name was Xune. A person named Fennel, who turned out to be the master of the assassin guild, imprisoned him. He had been imprisoned after ending up in the wrong place during a trade mission. He had been kept full and content during his stay here. It is also worth noting that he had an anti-magic collar locked on him. It drained any spells out of the area around him and obviously would not allow him to partake in any of his own abilities.

After discussion with Xune it was decided that we would allow him to lead us through the underground, and eventually back to the docks. In return we would release him from the collar. Seebo, after the discussion of the fate of the other prisoners, decided it was in the party’s best interest to remove them from the situation. Giving them the chance to talk was as good as a death sentence.

Marrtok had a BIG problem with this. "Unlock the grate and lets leave, we do not need to harm anyone else here. They are not ours to judge.’

“Wrong, oh stout one. We leave them breathing and they will rat on us. And that means we are as good as dead. Right now we have the advantage of them not knowing what we are attempting to do. If these prisoners squeal, and they will, we may as well just stay here and wait.,” stated Seebo.

Marrtok unhappily replied “Humph. Little one, you will open that grate right now and leave these prisoners be. They will be judged for their crimes, but not by us. Do not do anything brash that I will have to punish you for. Give me the key.”

“You will have the key when I am finished.” Seebo and Arya step to the first cage and slay the prisoner in it with little effort. As they moved to the next cage Marrtok, thrown into a holy rage, attacks Seebo. After barely dodging out of the way of Marrtok’s first attack Gralin’Oth ran in to attempt to subdue Marrtok until we had time to deal with it. Arya, after hearing the things Marrtok had to say about her had no qualms, “protecting” Seebo from harm and burninating Marrtok even after he had gone down, just for good measure.

After unfortunately having to dispatch one of our own, Seebo searched Marrtok for any kind of memento that we could use as a reminder of this sad day. What was discovered was that Marrtok had been hiding a VERY well made box of dwarven design from us. It had the markings that we have been noticing on each one of us. “We can examine it later. Xune, you can get us out of here? You’re sure?” asked Seebo.


Seebo releases Xune, and for some reason Elise, from the cage. Elise goes down the grate and shouts up, “We’ve got company!!!”

Seebo is the next down the hole followed by Arya and then the rest of the party minus Pepper and Lulu, who were too injured and/or passed out. Once down the hole the hired help of the assassin’s guild surrounded the party. The fight began and it looked as though we would be evenly matched. Out of nowhere a shadowy figure simply appeared behind Elise with a sword going through he midsection.

The shadowy figure pulled Elise back along with him. Both melted into shadow while the rest of the group was fighting the thugs. Seebo inspired his group to continue fighting on, using his power to help knit Elise back into a condition to fight in. Xune came down the hole after a few seconds. “Unlock this collar…” Seebo reached over with the key and did so, Xune stepped away just as he unleashed a corona of Hellfire from his being. Hurting friend and foe alike(but mostly foe) Xune laughed and drew a fiery sword from thin air. Arya could be heard laughing at Xune’s actions before pointing at a thug who screamed and started thrashing about as though terrified by something in front of him.

Gralin’Oth had been badly burned by Xune’s explosion but so had the Assassin that was seemingly heading this fight. Seebo got Gralin’Oth back on his feet and working properly. Elise was gliding through the battle attacking as though she couldn’t be touched. Shortly after being attacked by the assassin and left for dead, she appeared(much the same way as our tormentor) directly behind him only to let out a short grunt as she spun loosing a spray of needles upon his distracted form. The Assassin would bother us no more.

Panting after a good battle, Elise looks up “We need to get Pepper and Lulu and go, now.” With a blink Elise disappeared from sight. The air around us seemed to grow thick and our movements slowed a distant ticking clock could be heard slowing down as well. Within a heartbeat this feeling dissipated and time returned to normal without us actually knowing what had happened.

Going up to the prison to retrieve our allies we opened the grate and climbed up to find the roomed sprayed with blood and more dead bodies on the floor. Marrtok had been stripped clean and his body had strange cuts on it. Pepper and Lulu seemed to be no more harmed than they had been when we left, although it was clear that the “guard” had been attempting to drag them from the room. Too exhausted to ask right now, the party gathered up the elf and the dwarf and following Xune traveled deeper into the tunnel system. Hearing sounds of a large group behind us we went as fast as possible. After a few turns and going behind a similar secret doorway that the prison had been hidden by, Xune slowed and entered a larger area telling us we could rest here for now….

to be continued.

and the adventure continues

After finishing off the thieves and assassins we ventured into the city a little more in search of an inn for the night Syathea grabbed Lulu shoving her into our party and telling us to keep her safe soon we scrambled to see her friend and a save place for the night while we sorted out the importance of our mission. Before we even had a chance to drink some tea we reveled the party to Lulu’s friend and he and his men were at arms against the tefling. Lulu cast a slow spell to keep the party from killing each other and we were then off to see what the loud noise was outside. Outside Syathea was just outside killing thieves and assassins it was not save here we must be wanted badly. They were openly attacking a major house. We soon escaped to Master Boryan’s house and hid in the secret chamber below no sooner were we below that the house was attacked above explosions and men everywere were heard from the chamber below. Discussing where we should head and the best way to get there were discussed. We also discussed how Master Boryan died. It would seem that he was killed by and assassin and then a dopleganger was put into his place. Lulu saw that he was killed and later went back after escaping and the dopleganger couldnt answer a question she asked him and knew that she knew and jumped to the rafters and escaped.
The house was starting to become ablaze and we decided to grab as much as we could get our hands on and leave this place and quickly. We went to the sewers upon finding that the guards we posted were gone knowing that Lulu’s friend’s guard had been compromised it would seem that coin was the going rate for loyalty here. When we left only 3 were with us and we turned around to go down only one remained with us. After this we decided Upon learning this we then put a test question and answer if there was ever question. “How do you like your tea?” answer being “Penis”
We were off again and we decided that we would follow the water that should lead us back to the docks we came to a fork in the path and followed it into a room no sooner did we enter that we were attacked by Poo monsters. We did finally kill two of them but we were hurt and diseased. While the party was coming back together trying to heal and figure out a game plan I went back to the fork and listened for persecute upon hearing voices and feet we quickly decided to go down the grates. Syathea going to the hallway casting sleep on the men going in and cutting off one of there heads bringing it and coming down the grate and then Marrtok came down sliding the grate closed. We waited until they came into the room they started poking in the muck and quickly were attacked as well but it didn’t seem they fared too well. We headed off again.


After defeating the bandits at the dock the group was swiftly approached by the city guard(a day late and a dollar short as usual.) Upon further questioning the guard took the party’s names and removed the bandits allowing us to go on our way.

After deciding the best stop would be an inn nearby. Seconds after leaving the dock area Syaetha was heard struggling with someone in the darkness. Syaetha appeared, dragging a female dwarf behind her.

“Take her and get to safety NOW!” Syaetha stated, before once again disappearing into the dark.

The dwarf introduced herself, while looking around nervously. Her name is Lulu Stoutbottom and she was told to look for us at the docks by her teacher Master Boryn. Something was moving in the shadows while we are discussing this, but not everyone notices.

Lulu tells us that we need to get out of here now, and that she can take us to a safe house. We agree and follow her to her mentor, Zerrem. He has a stronghold within the city. When we arrive we are drawn upon by the guard there and told to stow our weaponry. Zerrem agrees to talk to us. While discussing our mission and that many of us were on our way to see Master Boryn (whom we all now know is dead) Zerrem comments on Lulu’s facial markings and Gralin’Oth’s bracelet. When Seebo graciously offers to show one more symbol that seems to be tied to this mystery by drawing Arya’s hood back, Zerrem and his men flip out and and threaten to attack. Seebo, attempting to difuse the situation, calmly states that he has her under control and unless things get out of hand there is nothing to fear from her. Zerrem agrees and Arya sits down to allow Lulu to take a rubbing of the platinum cap on her broken horn.

A large explosion outside draws everyones attention from the situation at hand. Upon further inspection Syaetha is seen outside battling what seem to be shadows. Syaetha is blatantly using her magics with little regard to who knows or sees her. She seems to be doing fine until she is hit with a large fireball from the darkness. riddled with arrows Marrtok bursts from a window to assist her. Despite her “dark” appearance Marrtok aids Syaetha in healing her wounds before taking a fighting stance to fight along side her.

“It an assassins guild! They are after Lulu, you idiots get her out of here now, I can’t hold them off any longer.” Screams Syaetha

With that the party surged into motion, Lulu states she knows of a place that will be safe for now and everyone, including Zerrem and some of his men, head in the direction of Master Boryn’s household.

One we arrive at the house, Lulu immediately takes us all down into Boryn’s private library that is hidden from the house. and not know to more than a small handful of people. Once in the basement Lulu goes on to tell us of how she came to know Boryn and also what has happened to him.

Boryn was searching for a key to something. Whether it is already open, or needs to be opened is not known. We all seems to be a part of it. Lulu’s facial markings, Syaetha’s stone, Gralin’Oth’s bracelet among other things seem to be tied together.

Lulu also describes the death of Boryn. When Lulu went to ask of something from him , there was an argument going on in his chambers. Lulu saw someone stab Boryn with a sword and went running. Later she returned and “Boryn” was sitting comfortably in his study as if nothing had happened. When approached and asked what had happened Boryn lept from his chair onto a rafter before changing into someone/thing else and disappearing into the darkness. The real Broyn’s body was found later.

The issue of the items/marking etc comes up again and it is found out that Boryn had contacted Syaetha to join him because he had knowledge she wanted. Lulu was told of Syaetha and that she would be arriving soon, just as he had told Syaetha of Lulu.

All the while this is going on, the attackers were up above were trying to burn us out of the house. They had finally figured out that we must be underground in a secret chamber of some sort and it was only a matter of time before they devised a way to actually get in. The only escape option was to jump into the sewers and make our way. Zerrem’s men deserted us or were never really with us. With the news of possible Changeling’s around, the party made a code question to use with each other to ensure the integrity of its members.

After entering the sewers the party was attacked by poop tentacle monsters. This unexpected fight took its toll on the party, but we were able to come out victorious in the end. Gralin’Oth struck a mighty blow upon the first attacker. The second was unlucky enough to find itself at the business end of Elise’s weapon by its own fault.

Distant splashing alerted us to the advancing assassins now in the sewer with us. Zerrem could not handle the pressure and decided he would do better on his own, and just like his men, deserted us. Syaetha managed to take the head of the party that was following us before we descended deeper into the sewers via a grate that had been underneath one of the poo creatures. Before we were able to move the assassin party came into the room we had previously inhabited and while looking for us stumbled on another of the horrifying creatures that dwell in this sewer system. While the attacked commenced on them our party ran while our sounds were covered by their deaths….


The party meets each other!

The party members each made their way to Emerald Harbor, a small port town on the southeastern coast of Orsis, in order to find passage to the island of Tur. Upon attempting to book passage many of the adventuring crew found it difficult to get on board.

Marrtok was eventually allowed to work for his space on board.

Granlin’Oth and his partner had already managed to be hired as a deckhand for the ship.

Pepper and Elise Stormshade, who were traveling together, were forced to sell their horses in order to gain enough money to board the ship for their journey.

Seebo Garrick and Arya Muhn, his “hired” help, were immediately turned away by the captain of the ship. Upon further discussion the captain agreed for the price of 150g. Not ones to let their spirits get down about not having any where near enough gold, they set out on a plan to make the money doing what they do best, PERFORMING! They were able to book a space in the largest tavern in town for that same evening. They had am amazing performance and were not only able to make plenty of gold for their trip, but the captain of the ship had come to see the show and rescinded his cost of 150g, reducing it to a much more acceptable standard figure of 40g a head.

Once on board the ship the journey to Tur was off to a good start. The first couple days passed with little memory. Some stormy weather was around, but Seebo and Arya played a few sea shanties to keep morale up. The group began to get to know one another. Elise and Seebo exchanged songs from their travels, Marrtok tied himself to the mast and was able to be in everyone’s conversation. Pepper, not used to the movement of the ship, was unfortunately very ill throughout most of the journey. Gralin’Oth and his traveling partner, Xarcses, continued to perform their deckhand duties while managing to slip some conversation in while he worked.

Another traveler was on board, a Drow mage named Syaetha. Elise and Pepper had already had a run in with this Drow and bad blood had been stirred. One evening Seebo managed to strike up a conversation with Syaetha despite her cold nature. Upon further discussion, the party came to find out that most of them are either on their way, or already know, a person by the name of Master Boryn for one reason or another.

Another mystery has possibly presented itself in the form of relics handed down from ancestors. Syaetha has a stone embedded in the palm of her hand. Granlin’Oth has a bracelet of considerable age. Others may have items they are not yet willing to share…

The third night of the journey a terrible storm was lashing the boat! Out of the sky came a blue dragon, hunting for sustenance. Upon seizing a great whale from the sea the dragon erupted from the ocean depths facing the ship. It loosed a terrible roar, paralyzing the adventurers and crew alike. Luckily for the ship the dragon already had what it had come for and it once again disappeared into the clouds to ride the lightning.

The rest of the journey was slightly more relaxing with the party continuing the acquaintance process. And further, deciding to join together and travel to this Master Boryn after they arrived at Tur-El, one of the port cities of Tur.

Once off the ship in Tur-El, the group was affronted as soon as they stepped foot onto the docks by some unknown assailants! A group of many members came at them from all sides. Not ones to back down from a fight, the group was able to band together and valiantly defeat the riff raff and take their leader off to be questioned…

To be continued.

Meet and Greet

First session – getting the A team together :)


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